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Re: Fedora Core 2 Update: kernel-2.6.6-1.435

On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 21:09, Don Russell wrote:
> So.... could the list of mirrors eligible for participating in up2date be
> updated dynamically so as only synch'd mirrors would be used by up2date?
> It seems kind of sloppy, and a waste of bandwidth to try over and over
> until it works... but maybe the effort to fix it is too high...
This is a interesting idea. The problem is how to create such list.
Suppose that a cron job conects to each mirror server , downloads the
list of *all* files , diffs them , do some parsing and then only echoes
them to the mirror list sent to clients.. This is also a waste of
bandwidth , considering that the script would have to be smart enough to
only check the recently changed directories (or only the updates
directory) , but at least it is a smaller waste than each user having to
connect several times to find a mirror which has all the updates..
> Right now I have a red ball exclaming "There be updates! ... There be
> updates!" ... It says 5 are available... when I launch up2date, I see only
> 3... two of which appear to be mutually exclusive
> (cdrecord/cdrecord-devel)
They're not mutually exclusive. They're complementary.. cdrecord-devel
contains stuff needed to make programs based on cdrecord... And cdrecord
contains the cdrecord itself...

> Is the count mismatch due to different mirrors having different software
> at different times? Once all the mirrors are in synch then up2date will
> report things more accurately?

Exactly. Each mirror takes a different time to sync with redhat. Some
sync faster , some sync slower. As soon as all mirrors are in sync ,
up2date will show the right thing...

Pedro Macedo

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