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Re: Changing from RedHat 9 (Shrike) To Fedora?

On Tue, 15 Jun 2004 03:27:37 +0200, Dirk J. Botha wrote:

> Hi there,
> Probably a noob question, but then again, I've only been using Linux for about 
> 6 months.
> Lucky for me I have the advantage of being a C++ developer so I'm not a total 
> idiot. The unlucky part is that I'm rather out of it as far as updateing my 
> system is concerned. I've noticed that the RedHat up2date utility does not 
> work for me, it keeps telling me that it's unable to register me. Regardless 
> of what username I use.

Have you had an updated "up2date" version installed already?

I still see users who install Red Hat Linux 9 from scratch and then cannot
access RHN because the version of up2date is out-of-date and they would
need to update it first.

Btw, Red Hat Linux 9 has reached end-of-life, so you're better off taking
a look at getting updates from the Fedora Legacy project with an update
utilities like Yum.

> Is it perhaps possible to update my system to Fedora, i.e. use a similar 
> utility as "up2date" to look at the Fedora sources and RPMs to update my 
> system? The purpose being to end up with a Fedora Core 2 system that I can
> use in order to aid the development and testing.
> I'd appretiate any assistance.

Online upgrading with Yum or AptRpm is possible (search the archives or
the web), but may result in trouble. The Fedora Core installer does a few
things you would be missing when upgrading with yum/apt-get.

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