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Re: Michael's FUD (Was: Fragen zu Synaptic)

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Michael Schwendt wrote:

> [not crossposted to fedora-list-de]
> On Sun, 13 Jun 2004 20:57:16 +0200, Stefan Hoelldampf wrote:
> > If you do not use 3rd party repositories, you should not judge them as bad.
> I do not "judge them as bad". I see flaws in the development model (e.g.
> a single individual doesn't scale). And in particular, in the third
> paragraph in the message you've linked, I make clear that I don't condemn
> 3rd party packages wholesale.

Well, the problem is that what you start from is wrong. These no longer 
are individual projects and to some degree never were. I'm not doing the 
QA myself.

You may have noticed that I include packages made by 4 different people, 
as I mentioned before and as was cleverly cut away in your reply, I only 
have to look at all the changes made by others, build the packages and 
sign them.

In the same sense your point is that Linus doesn't scale either.

> > > A single individual packaging hundreds of
> > > packages and releasing new packages (upgrades of packages in Fedora Core
> > > even!) without an open QA/Testing process.
> > 
> > *You* do not have to use a repository if it replaces or upgrades
> > packages from Fedora Core.
> Still I'm free to advocate repositories which do not fork Fedora Core
> development and hence protect newbies from running into trouble.

"Fork Fedora Core development" ? 
"Protect newbies from running into trouble" ?

In the previous paragrph you stated you don't judge these 3rd repositories 
as bad. (scroll up)


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