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Re: Fedora Core 2 Update: kernel-2.6.6-1.435

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 00:04, Don Russell wrote:
> What would we be patching? I don't see any change to up2date itself on the
> Fedora client/workstation. The only change is on the server side that
> up2date talks to... do we have that code too?
I got a bit confused.. Really this is a server-side change.. This would
probably be a server side cron job, as up2date uses a simple yum
repository under apache and no other extra softwares...
Dont know if it would be easy to show to the sysadmins at redhat that
this cronjob would be usefull (I worked as a sysadmin and I really
wouldnt like someone telling me to add something to a server...)

> You're a genius! That is, you have more experience than I do :-)
> Thanks for the tip... removing dvdrecord solved it.

Glad to know that I helped ;)

Pedro Macedo

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