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Re: Fedora Core 2 Update: kernel-2.6.6-1.435

Pedro Fernandes Macedo said:
> On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 00:04, Don Russell wrote:
>> What would we be patching? I don't see any change to up2date itself on
>> the
>> Fedora client/workstation. The only change is on the server side that
>> up2date talks to... do we have that code too?
> I got a bit confused.. Really this is a server-side change.. This would
> probably be a server side cron job, as up2date uses a simple yum
> repository under apache and no other extra softwares...
> Dont know if it would be easy to show to the sysadmins at redhat that
> this cronjob would be usefull (I worked as a sysadmin and I really
> wouldnt like someone telling me to add something to a server...)

Well, all we can do is ask... and they DID change the server side from FC1
to FC2... with FC2, the up2date server doesn't actually supply the
updates... it supplies WHERE TO GET the updates, which is why it's not
overly complex now to change it so that list of mirrors is dynamic.

Here's how I see it working...

When new packages are ready to be distributed....
- reset the list of sites that serve up2date to the single master site
- move new versions of the pakages to the master site.
- start a cron job in xxx minutes (gives some mirrors a chance to re-synch)

the cron job does:
- for each mirror site (not already known to be synch'd)
   - get directory listing
   - compare to master directory listing
   - if directory matches, site must be synch'd
        - make mirror site eligible to participate in serving up2date

After checking all mirrors, if one or more are still not synch'd, schedule
the job again in xxx minutes

If all mirrors are now synch'd, we're done.

The whole design fits on a bar napkin.

And very little bandwidth to accomplish it... up2date now only sees sites
that are synch'd.... new mirror sites can be added dynamically as

I LIKE it! :-)

Don Russell

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