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Re: AMD64 install fails

Hi KAS and List
	I have now managed to install FC2
I tried 6 more times, finally re-partitioning the hard disk
and having
sda1 	/boot	100MB
sda2 	/	75GB
sda3	swap	3GB

Did a full install ie ticking every box but NOT the Everything box
about 4.2GB not 6.7GB

No boot loader installed on sda

The POST INSTALL did not fall over but I am sure this is because
for some reason it no longer has to open /dev/null.

The /dev directory is still corrupt !!!!

I feel sure there is still a problem with accessing over the end of /dev/ram0
during install, it is just that some (most) install sequences don't need to use
the address space that has been corrupted.


John A

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, K. Spearel wrote:

> On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 17:15, Dr J Austin wrote:
> > Hi KAS,
> > 	Many thanks for your detailed suggestion
> > 	I have checked out the reference you suggested and was
> > convinced you had found the problem - however .....
> > 
> > Changed the memory clock in the BIOS from 200 MHz to 100MHz
> > and did two conplete installs it fell over in exactly
> > the same place as before both times!!!!
> > FC2 i386 and FC2T3 still run OK !!!!
> I haven't tried installing on a system without having at least 1 /boot
> partition and have pretty much ignored SATA, especially on those
> mini-RAID controllers...the installed i386 and x86_64 kernels have
> identical filenames so trying to install into a single /boot is
> problematic.  Perhaps the bad mojo is coming from the combination of
> x86_64, no /boot, SATA and the sata_sil driver.  IIRC, the last FC2T3
> kernel was the same a the original FC2 kernel so that can't be the
> problem...perhaps sata_sil does differ though.
> KAS 
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