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Re: [FC1] samba update breaks samba-vscan-clamav...

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Ok... so I'm a little impatient sometimes.  I noticed that crash-hat had
the source and updates to 0.73 of clamav for FC2.  I downloaded the
source and recompiled for FC1.

This fixes the issue of an ERROR being reported for a closed or
disconnected socket when using samba-vscan with samba-3.0.4 for FC1.

But, I'm a little disappointed in the 3rd party support of FC1 so soon
after FC2 release.  Is it normal for this to happen?

I'm now posting the FC1 compiled version of ClamAV-0.73 on my server.


The MD5SUM file contains all the sums for the files located here.

apcupsd	-- is an APC UPS daemon compiled for FC1.  Source was from DAG site.

epca	-- is drivers for a Digi card compiled for FC1 latest 2.4.22
kernel.  The driver is kernel specific and source is from Digi.

samba-vscan-clamav	-- is a samba vfs object driver for clamav scanning
of samba shares.  This is compiled for FC1 with the samba-3.0.4 version
of samba.

clamav-*	-- is a newly compiled version of ClamAV for FC1 taken from the
source on crash-hat for FC2.  I'm not sure if he is compiling for FC1
anymore.  DAG is several versions back for ClamAV also.

James Kosin
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