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Re: firewire dvd-burner and kernel 2.6.6

Edward wrote:

nikolo ono com wrote:

Hi, may you help me?
I use FC2 and I downloaded the last 2.6.6 kernel using "up2date" and I supposed
that my IEEE1394 external DVD burner will be enabled or detected by 'kuzdu'
on next boot, but it did not happen nothing different than when I was using
the 2.6.5 default FC2 kernel.

In the past it worked with FC1 and kernel 2.4.22 even I had to rescan-scsi-bus,
but know it is not detected...

What should I do to activate it?

Many thanks.


Maybe you should've stuck with FC1?

Remember to always read up on new releases. It's been discussed at length that firewire doesn't work with the new FC2.

Actually from what I understand, the latest kernel updates have firewire enabled already. Although it's still not recommended to use firewire in production systems, just for further testing until all bugs are killed.


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