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Re: Changing from RedHat 9 (Shrike) To Fedora?


Dirk J. Botha wrote:
Hi there,

Probably a noob question, but then again, I've only been using Linux for about 6 months.

Lucky for me I have the advantage of being a C++ developer so I'm not a total idiot. The unlucky part is that I'm rather out of it as far as updateing my system is concerned. I've noticed that the RedHat up2date utility does not work for me, it keeps telling me that it's unable to register me. Regardless of what username I use.

Is it perhaps possible to update my system to Fedora, i.e. use a similar utility as "up2date" to look at the Fedora sources and RPMs to update my system? The purpose being to end up with a Fedora Core 2 system that I can
use in order to aid the development and testing.

I'd appretiate any assistance.

Dirk J. Botha

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