[FC2] ISA cards not detected....

Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz at simpaticus.com
Tue Jun 15 15:00:56 UTC 2004

At 05:10 6/15/2004, Bob Chiodini wrote:
>On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 06:35, antonio montagnani wrote:
> > shall I go and buy a PCI souncard???  ;-)
> >
> > Of course everything is fine after replacing the ISA network adapter
> > with a PCI network

I regret that I am unable to help with your problem. However, a suggestion:

If you replace an old card which you *know* still works with another, 
please consider donating the old working equipment. If at all possible, 
write on a piece of paper the IRQ or other configuration information which 
might be necessary, and include any driver disks you might have. Lots of 
people work to recycle older machines for charity or for export to 
third-world countries where they are used by hospitals, churches, and 
schools; these types of efforts could use more donations of working 
equipment, even if it is only a single card.


Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz at simpaticus.com

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