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Re: FC2 Issues

On Tue, 15 Jun 2004 16:54:11 +0000
"Christensen Tom" <paveraware hotmail com> wrote:

> I would just like to publicly voice my complete and utter disatisfaction 
> with you people.  Redhat has been my linux of choice for 6 years, and I 
> appreciated FC1, but since I can't install FC2 because of 2 very huge bugs 
> (the dual booting bug, and the Asus Mobo bug) that were known well in 
> advance of release, and were not fixed, and remain unfixed, I will never be 
> using or recommending a redhat product ever again.  You have seriously 
> destroyed a good product and a good name by not following the #1 tenet of 
> open source software, namely RELEASE WHEN ITS READY!!!  How could you let 2 
> bugs of this magnitude go completely unresolved through 3 test releases and 
> the final release when you knew about both of them immediately after test 1 
> was released in February??!!  Get your act together re-release new ISOs that 
> fix these 2 problems within 2 weeks or you are costing redhat an estimated 
> 50k/yr in licenses that I control.  We will be moving to Novell/Suse.
> Thank you,
> Tom Christensen

You have to do what you think is right.   But you're not showing a very
deep understanding of the situation.   To start with, Fedora has a very
remote (if any) relationship to any RedHat _product_.   FEDORA IS 
Why that is so hard for people to understand is beyond me.    Buy a 
RedHat product, don't vent on a community project which apparently 
has  nothing to do with you or your needs.   

Fedora has an appropriate release policy that meets the needs of its 
target audience.   The dual boot issue barely hit the radar during the
testing phase and the Asus mobo issue didn't affect 99.99% of people.

It probably is time for RedHat to spell out their policy in single syllable
block letters at the top of the Fedora website and force a click-through
policy window during the install. 


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