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Re: sound-juicer doesn't retrieve CD info...

Brian Anderson wrote:
Yes grip works, but sound-juicer does not. Is this a gstreamer thing?

serge pynte wrote:

Op di 15-06-2004, om 15:25 schreef Brian Anderson:

After one of my recent yum updates, sound-juicer has stopped fetching CD information. When I ask it to reread a cd it pauses for a while and then give me the message "This CD could not be queried: Cannot send/receive to/from server" on the terminal. I haven't changed my cd database preferences and when I checked them they looked ok (I even switched to a set server from round robin, but to no avail). XMMS can fetch CD info fine.

This is happening on two different machines. I was fetching from additional repositories (freshrpms, newrpms, and dag), but I moved back to a stock sound-juicer on one machine but it exhibits the same behavior.

Does anyone else experience this? Any hints on where to look for the problem?


I had the same prob today don't know how what happend... I used grip and everything is fine with grip.

I've tested this with sound-juicer as well as running tcpdump. I'm no expert at tcpdump, but it seems that when you read the cd, it only tries to connect to a mm.musicbrainz.org. I don't see any connection attempt to freedb.org or any of the alternatives I've set my preferences at. Anyway, musicbrainz.org resolves correctly to its IP address, but it seems that the host is down.

Will have to check bugzilla and see if this has been filed. Anyway, can anyone verify what I am seeing (the connections only going to musicbrainz.org)? It seems this has been hardcoded into sound-juicer for FC2.


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