no sound after upgrade to FC2

Keith ac7xc-lnx at
Tue Jun 15 17:58:51 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 10:32, Ken Chamberlain wrote:
> I have upgraded this machine from FC1 to FC2.  I tore out the ALSA
> installed with FC1 and replaced with FC2's ALSA (a lower level).  I have
> yet to see any fixes for my sound issues (apart from compiling ALSA from
> the source which I don't see as a FC2 fix).  When I run
> system-config-soundcard I get:
> system-config-soundcard says:
> The following audio device was detected.
> Vendor: Intl Corp.
> Model: 82801DB (ICH4) AC'97 Audio Controller
> Module: snd-intel8x0

 Make sure that PCM and master are not muted.

> Play test sound issues:
> amixer: Mixer attach default error: No such file or directory
> amixer: Mixer attach default error: No such file or directory
> sox: Can't open output file '/dev/dsp': No such device
> -8

 You need to create the device. See mknod or the docs for
yor driver/software. 

> Any ideas?  I'd like to show sound works at work before trying to get
> sound working at home.  I know what the issue is at home.  ISA sound
> cards are not supported in FC2.  I need a new card!
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> Ken Chamberlain <ken.chamberlain at>
> University of Toronto
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