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RE: nat masquerade router

At 11:54 6/15/2004, Michael Floyd wrote:
I think I'll just stick to reading instead of awnsering.

No no no... do try! There is no better way to learn and truly master a subject than by attempting to teach it.

Just qualify your post with something "not sure, but" or "could be wrong, but" to indicate that you're not 100% sure you are providing a Solution [tm], and take your best shot at anything. I promise that you will learn more quickly than if you only read. And more and more over time, you *will* succeed in helping people; besides which, the rest of us are happy that you tried to help support a fellow member of the community.

Just trim your darn posts, man. <grin>

And BTW. I agree with the "FC2 Issues" thread.... Those kind of bugs should
NOT make it into a offical release that isn't an RC.
( alas, I too was bitten by the duel boot bug and so where quite a few
others that I know. )

Suggestion: answer each thread with a few lines on what you think of *that* thread. Anyone who's reading that other thread may never see your comments here since they're not interested in someone else's iptables rules issues.


-- Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz simpaticus com http://www.simpaticus.com

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