NDISwrapper and wlan0 under iwconfig

Aaron Bennett aaron.bennett at olin.edu
Tue Jun 15 19:27:48 UTC 2004

Timothy Wagner wrote:

> Ladies and Gentlemen!
> A friend of mine has a Belkin 802.11b wi-fi pci card in his desktop. 
> The best and most reliable way to get this going that I've found so 
> far is using NDISwrapper. First of all, if anyone else knows of a 
> great driver for this card then I am completely all ears. However, I 
> have had excellent performance with my Belkin 802.11g card using 
> NDISwrapper so I think it will work for his too. His chipset (Realtek 
> 8180) is supported by NDISwrapper. Anyway, the problem he is having is 
> that when he gets "wlan0" created into iwconfig he can't edit it. He 
> tries to edit settings like mode, or encryption key, or ESSID, or 
> anything and nothing changes. None of the things he sets will be 
> changed. Therefore, he is having significant trouble getting his wi-fi 
> card to get onto any routers. Anyone have any ideas as to what could 
> cause this? Thanks!
> -Tim
The problem is that Neat prefers eth_ devices over wlan_ devices.

assuming he's using FC 2, his /etc/modprobe.conf need to be changed like 

alias eth1 ndiswrapper
options eth1 if_name=eth1



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