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Re: Samba Shared Folders over a WAN link

On Fri, 2004-06-11 at 20:52, Scot L. Harris wrote:
> Came across something that might be of help to you.  Apparently there is
> a utility that lets you mount files across the network using ftp and
> ssh.
> This may give you the performance you want as well as the access.
> Found this as one of the utilities on a rescue CD I was looking at
> today.  (which looks like it would be handy to have around for
> emergencies)
> http://www.sysresccd.org/

Used this to move my 30GB Laptop Drive to a 80GB (which is near capacity
> Searched a little and found this reference to the lufsmount program.
> http://www.linux-mag.com/cgi-bin/printer.pl?issue=2002-12&article=potm
> If you want to access files located on an FTP server, there is a new
> very powerful way to do this. The "userLand FileSystem" allows you to
> mount the share, and work on the remote files just as you would work on
> any local files. With all these file systems, you can unmount the share
> with the standard umount command. 

> Here is an example of how to mount an SSH file system in /mnt/ssh as
> anonymous (read only) 
>  # mkdir /mnt/ssh
>  # lufsmount sshfs://login ssh server org /mnt/ssh
>  # cd /mnt/ssh
>  # umount /mnt/ssh

Now.. this is interesting. I reckon, further digging will get me
write/read access too.
Currently using Satish's SSH Port Forwarding to mount the share. It's
still Slow. (I have no idea how to quantify this. Anyone has any clue?)

One other thing, Since it's doing port forwarding, I realise that the
xterm window which is doing the ssh -C -N command must stay open. it's a
nuisance, but hey, it works.

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