FC2 Issues

srb srb at softhome.net
Tue Jun 15 20:51:19 UTC 2004

> > Why don't you just use Redhat then? From what I understand, Fedora is a
> > public testing platform... Redhat is the stable version.
> While the OP was over the top in his reaction to two bugs,
> which I thought had both been fixed,
> there is something in his complaint.
> I find this word "stable" generally heralds some silly remark.
> Surely Fedora-2 is meant to work as is?
> And if it doesn't then there is a bug,
> which should be fixed as soon as possible.
> You shouldn't excuse bugs by saying "Fedora is not stable".

I guess "stable" was not the most accurate word to use. :-) I am just
familiar with using a lot of other distros that have certain
"idiosyncracies" if you will, from version to version. Sometimes a "fix" or
"improvement" breaks something else. It is unfortunate. But when you
consider real FREE Linux distros, this means that many people are
contributing a lot of their time and resources for no monetary reward and
therefore deserve respect and patience if nothing else.

FWIW, last night I upgraded my kernel to the 8k stack 2.6.6 version in order
to install the NVidia 3D driver (which did not "work" out of the box so to
speak). Thanks to the generosity and dedication of people who created a
work-around for NVidia users, I was able to follow instructions and get it
work (thank you).

I've found that most of the time you can get things to work, but if you're
getting it for free, don't be surprised (or put off) if you need to put some
effort in. But on the bright side, you will definitely learn more.


- - s r b - -
fedora core 2, kernel 2.6.6, amd 2500+, asus a7n8x-x, ocz ddr400-512, msi

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