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Re: Was Floppy install (Mandrake 10 vs FC 2)

On Jun 15, 2004 at 16:48, John Alam in a soothing rage wrote:

>I wasn't trying to imply anything.
>Perhaps because I was unable to find where the solution was posted I was
>unable to get FC2 on my machine. I did try the bootmgr method but I 
>was unable to make that work.
>I would prefer FC2 over Mandrake.
>I was hoping that the floppy method would become a part of the
>distribution rather than having to use workaounds. I know there are 
>smart people who will be able to make it a simpler process.
As has been posted over and over again, the 2.6 series kernel
is too large to fit on a floppy. I got this from a post by
Jakub Jelinek. Amend to suit.

========<post from Jakub Jelinek >=========
If you have some disk partition which you don't install to,
you can do hard disk installation.                                               
Simply, put the ISO images into some directory on that partition,
mount -o loop FC2-i386-disc1.iso /mnt/cdrom                                      
cp -a /mnt/cdrom/isolinux/vmlinuz /boot/FC2-install
cp -a /mnt/cdrom/isolinux/initrd.img /boot/FC2-install.img                       
umount /mnt/cdrom
and add entry like:
title Fedora Core 2 Installation
        root (hd0,0)
        kernel /boot/FC2-install                                                         
initrd /boot/FC2-install.img
to your /etc/grub.conf, then reboot into "Fedora Core 2 Installation".           
During the install choose Hard Disk installation and point the 
at the partition with ISOs.                                                      
========<end post from Jakub Jelinek >=========

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