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Re: AMD64 install fails

K. Spearel wrote:

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 07:09, Dr J Austin wrote:

Hi KAS and List
	I have now managed to install FC2
I tried 6 more times, finally re-partitioning the hard disk
and having
sda1 	/boot	100MB
sda2 	/	75GB
sda3	swap	3GB

Did a full install ie ticking every box but NOT the Everything box
about 4.2GB not 6.7GB

No boot loader installed on sda

The POST INSTALL did not fall over but I am sure this is because
for some reason it no longer has to open /dev/null.

The /dev directory is still corrupt !!!!

I feel sure there is still a problem with accessing over the end of /dev/ram0
during install, it is just that some (most) install sequences don't need to use
the address space that has been corrupted.


John A

I would try another install making absolutely sure that the installer is
not making any attempt to use hda for anything...particularly taking a
look at advanced boot loader options making sure that it knows that you
want the kernel installed on /dev/sda1.  Make sure that the installer
isn't trying to include swap on /dev/hda to eliminate another possible
point of failure.  Sounds like something is still tripping up
post-install.  I would prolly do an "install everything" to ensure that
nothing vital has been left out.

I wonder if part of the problem is with BIOS reporting the physical
mapping of memory incorrectly...look at the very top of the kernel
startup log for clues...or perhaps APCI is b0rked in that BIOS...have
you tried booting the installer with "noapci" and/or "noapic"
(iirc...syntax may be wrong) and I guess I would check to see if your
BIOS is reasonably up to date.  With a machine that shows any flakiness,
I approach reflashing with a certain amount of trepidation but sometimes
it is the only choice.  I would make sure the system is stone cold
before starting the reflash to make sure that if there are any heat
issues, they are minimized.


I second the ACPI possibility. A couple of my co-workers and I have built AMD64
boxes using the Tyan motherboard and discovered that their ACPI is unusable. They
have since come out with a flash update which removes it from the BIOS menus.
Our workaround was to disable ACPI in the BIOS. It caused problems with X in
our case, but conceivably could cause other problems as well.

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