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Re: Fedora Core 2 Update: kernel-2.6.6-1.435

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

Hmm....can someone out in the community prototype this cronjob idea up.
The logic of this could easily be extended the extra step so that this
could be implemented outside of fedora.redhat.com at a community
mirrorlist location
for testing.  I'm more than willing to reconfig my up2date on one of
my fc2 boxes
to use alternative yum-mirror entries.
One concern I have is the policy contraints around doing a dynamic
cronjob on the master server. Technically, this could be done, but I
am unsure of the policy surrounding the server setup and whether a
dynamic cronjob is even allowed. But there is no reason why someone
out in the community couldn't test and implement this cronjob idea and
provide an alternative mirror-list location to see if this works.

Jeff , dont tease me please ... now I want to implement this ;)
I'll give it a shot maybe tomorrow (I can leave it running on any computer on the university where I study and make it create a file on my web page).

I believe that's not necessary to create a dynamic cronjob.. just a static one is enough.. maybe if the script checks first locally to see if there is any new file , then it starts checking the mirrors, using a text file as input....

Well, I'll try to make something today or tomorrow and I'll post when I have a prototype working.

Pedro Macedo

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