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Re: tail of two scsis

jdow wrote:
> SCSI terminations are critical. You need ONE termination at EACH END of
> the SCSI chain. If the chain extends both inside the machine and outside
> the machine you still need terminations at the two ends of the chain and
> the controller needs to be unterminated. You also MUST install drives or
> terminations on the last connectors on the SCSI chain, not somewhere in
> the middle.

That's the theory, and it's usually true in practice. However, there are
SCSI combinations that Just Don't Work, SCSI combinations that work that
Just Aren't Supposed To Work, and SCSI combinations that Just Don't Work
until somebody that the computer finds suitably intimidating comes to do
Exactly What You Just Did.

Normally, it's due to something being marginal or not quite to the specs
in the hardware. That isn't usually much help if you're troubleshooting.
Personally, I'd recommend that the Original Poster forgets about booting
Fedora for a while, and concentrates on trying different combinations of
drives, SCSI IDs, positions on the cable, and termination (internal and/
or external) until the SCSI BIOS can see all his drives (when connected,
of course).

Then this will probably work under Fedora.

Sorry I can't be of more help,


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