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Re: Icon captions in Nautilus don't work

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 17:02, Alex Viskovatoff wrote:
> Hi,
> The documentation for Nautilus states:
>   An icon caption displays the name of a file or folder in an icon 
>   view. The icon caption also includes three additional items of 
>   information on the file or folder. The additional information is 
>   displayed after the file name. Normally only one item of information
>   is visible, but when you zoom in on an icon, more of the information
>   is displayed.
> This doesn't work on my system. In a Nautilus window, if I move the
> pointer close to an icon, the icon becomes highlighted, and the pointer
> changes from an arrow to a hand with an extended index finger, but
> nothing else happens. Specifically, no "additional information is
> displayed after the file name". In "Icon captions" in "File management
> preferences", I have something selected in all three drop-down lists.
> Does anyone have any idea of what could be wrong with my system? Should
> a daemon be running that isn't? (I do have gnome-settings-daemon
> running, for example; if it isn't running, some fancy icon images don't
> load.) According to yum, my system is completely up to date.
> Thanks in advance for any ideas.

 I know that KDE does what you describe. but I don't think nautilus acts
like that when you place a mouse pointer over the icon. The menu items
you mention have to do with the displayed information. File information
is also displayed at the bottom of nautilus. 

Best Regards, Keith 
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