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Re: Installing Problems Fedora Core 2 & Adaptec 2100S

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 06:13, Aleksandar Vestica wrote:
> Hello,
> maybe someone knows a fix for this i2o Problem (?):
> - I have installed an Adaptec 2100S Cache Raid-controller, 2x18 GB SCSI
> - Build at BIOS Level a RAID-1 Pair
> - Rebooted, booting Fedora Core2 DVD
> - Autodedected: i2o, network etc ...
> - Problem: Doesn't find any Disky or Array at all !
> Is seems to me, that the i2o Driver (?) is not working properly and this
> is why anaconda isn't able to find an disk/array at all ... :-<
> Any fix/workaround for this ? RH9.0 was able to find this array ...
> Strange ...
> Thanks for any help/workaround/fix/support/hint on this subject...

	I forget where I got the workaround, might of been bugzilla, but... You
need to manually install i2o_proc.ko... The way I've been doing it is to
run linux askmethod during install (I normally install via NFS), when it
comes to the point of asking you to pick a driver for your disk system,
hit alt-f2 and the I grab it with wget from my www server... The insmod
it, alt-f1 back to the install screen and proceed with the

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