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FC2 not finding things..??

I am wondering why Linux (FC2) can't find all the hardware
attachments/applications that are attached to one's computer. I am
thinking of printers, scanners, etc..

I ask this because Windows finds these things so well?  And Linux is
supposed to be better.  So, why are these devices not found when booting
up Linux?

With each new Kernel there is always hope that these little
'differences' will be resolved. And with new releases such as FC2 our
further expectations are increased.  But these little differences are
not found or fixed. And yet, the Windows Operating System does so well
with this stuff??

Anyone have any thoughts on this. I am not a Windows supporter but do
use it on one of my machines. I am always amazed to find that windows
finds my scanners without any difficulty and yet Linux doesn't know its

Ted Gervais
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia

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