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FC2 and Radeon Driver

I'm using FC2 with the latest fglrx driver for radeon cards.  Everything gets 
detected okay, but when I try to run GL apps like glxgears it runs for about 
20 seconds then X locks up.  2D seems to work fine.  fgl_glxgears gives me 
frame rates of around 230-280 fps.  glxgears reports 1100+ fps.  glxinfo 
reports DRI is enabled.

I followed all the directions in the forums but still I have the same problem.  
Could someone lead me in the right direction.  I desperately want to get my 
winex and Neverwinter Nights (linux client) back up and running.

Using: AMD Athlon-XP 2400+/1 GB RAM/256MB 3x AGP Radeon 9200se (off brand: 
Saphire)/SOYO KT600 Dragon Plus V1.0 Motherboard (Via chipset)

Latest FC2 updates and fglrx-4.3.0-3.9.0.rpm with the fglrx-3.9.0-fc2.patch 
install as well as the patch from 

Logs can be provided upon request.


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