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Re: Apache+perchild, PHP+threadsafe, When?

Am Mi, den 16.06.2004 schrieb Jani Ollikainen um 12:53:

> Could someone with better knowledge of things give some light when
> we could be using apache with perchild and threadsafe php in it?
> What is done and what needs to be done?

You should really ask that on the Apache (developer) list as it is a
very specific question regarding Apache development.

> Seems that PHP5 is threadsafe but the modules most modules aren't.
> mysqli seems to have support for threadsafe.

PHP developer list question?

> And apache's perchild is how broken?

--> "This module is not functional. Development of this module is not
complete and is not currently active. Do not use perchild unless you are
a programmer willing to help fix it."

Take that warning literally!

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