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[FC2]: 3rd installation 3rd time a clobbered root-FS ...


Oh well - the subject says it all ...

Meanwhile I installed FC2 the 3rd time and it ended up with a clobbered
root-FS again.

After installation everything works fine. Reboot is not a problem and
the system comes up as usual.

Changing anything (exchanging a network card, removing an external disk
or the shared-storage of this cluster node to keep it save) and
rebooting _then_ brings the following effect up during system boot:

  Checking root filesystem:
  fsck.ext3: No suitable device or address found. Probably the
  partition does not exist or is a swap partition while attempting to  
  open /dev/rootvg/lvol1

Then the filesystem-check crash happens and the systems ends up in
single user mode.

There seems to be something seriously bad with the LVM2, since in the
2nd installation I had swap on /dev/rootvg/lvol0 and "/" on
/dev/rootvg/lvol1. Since the root-FS ran out of space with just 3GB, I
created lvol2 and moved /var entirely over to it. I rebooted and the
system came up again - just fine ... and did as well after some other
Then I exchanged a 100Mbit-NIC by a Gigabit-NIC, booted the machine and
again ended with above result - root-FS clobbered. But things then
showed up quite eery. LVM2 did'nt know of the swap volume lvol anymore
and so swapping was deactivated. 'swapon -a' and 'free' then show that
swapping was activated - but: it now swapped on lvol2; i.e. the
logical-volume where my /var-FS resides - ups ...

Well, well ... I made ready for Installation #3 ..
Installation #3 (on Sunday with a couple of reboots since then) now is
again clobbered as explained above after removing the shared-storage
which is normally connected between this machine and the other cluster
node. This time I put the swap-space on a separate primary 'traditional'
partition just to be sure - but that helped nothing so far.

Meanwhile I ran out of ideas. But after all the most weird thing is,
that I can boot the rescue-system and fsck the log. Vol. in question
just fine. When booting the system with it, the silly system says, the
log. volume is gone although 'mount'/'df' show it as mounted.

Any ideas are welcome ...

Best regards,
Peter Heidinger
    ComServe - IT-Services
** Think IT, Plan IT, Do IT! ** 

Steeler Str. 121
45138 Essen/Germany

Telefon    : +49 (201) 319-9875
Fax        : +49 (201) 319-9876
Mobil      : 0160/6111-81


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