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Re: Adding item to start menu

--- Charles E Taylor IV <tomalek mindspring com>
> On Tue, 15 Jun 2004 21:38:15 +0200
> Peter Boy <pboy barkhof uni-bremen de> wrote:
> > In fact it's a running gag since RHL 8 or 9
> (introducing Gnome 2). Since
> > those days Red Hat and the Gnome people disabled a
> lot of functions in
> > Gnome. presumably  to make it easier for beginners
> / non geeks to use
> > the desktop. And at the same time they were not
> able to make such a
> > basic function as modifying the menu working -
> quite curious.
> The answer seems to be XFCE - included but not
> advertised in Fedora Core
> 2. Now if the xfce file manager were a little less
> cluttered, life would
> be perfect.  :)
> -- 

Then is there a work around to add to the start menu
since the 'modifying the menu' is disabled?

I am one of those 'basic' users and it would have been
far better NOT to have disabled it.


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