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Re: mustek 1200cp scanner

Am Mi, den 16.06.2004 schrieb serge pynte um 10:28:

> > Need some help on getting mustek 1200cp scanner to work. If I run xsane,
> > it says no scanners found. I have looked at pages sane-project.org, but
> > still can't get it to work. I must be missing something simple. Any
> > suggestions out there?

> Look in /etc/sane.d therein you will find dll.conf uncomment mustek_pp.
> After that configure mustek_pp.conf to your needs.
> Then you can configure net.conf & saned.conf to your needs.
> Create user saned and put in xinetd.conf 
>  service sane
> {
>    port            =6566
>    socket_type     =stream
>    protocol        =tcp
>    wait            =no
>    user            =saned
>    group           =saned
>    server          =/usr/sbin/saned     
>    disable         =no
> }
>  make shure saned is in /etc/services like this
> sane   6566/tcp
>  after this is done start saned and you should be done

You should have said (clearer) that running a saned service is mandatory
and not necessary for running sane/xsane local only.


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