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Re: Grub entry to start without X

Am Mi, den 16.06.2004 schrieb Steffen Kluge um 9:09:

> > If you want to have this choice statically - I do not see any real need for it - 
> Why not? There could be lots of reasons for a Linux box not to boot into
> runlevel 5.

If its a desktop host not really much and the times when you want to
prohibit an X bootup are mostly cases where you want to debug something
or want something else to change. For these cases I feel it is enough if
you append a 3 to the kernel line from the grub boot screen.

> > you can copy the grub entry where one has the "3" at the end and the entry a
> > different name, maybe like "Fedora Core no X".
> Wouldn't you rather change the default runlevel in /etc/inittab?

Of course if you want to boot up into runlevel 3 always, then changing
the inittab entry is the correct way. You are right. I just didn't
understand the OP in this way. Maybe because I see Fedora as a desktop
system and when someone wants to run a CLI system why then did he
install an X server?

> Cheers
> Steffen.

As always: multiple possible routes and different opinions :)


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