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Re: sendmail doesn't respond on heavy disk activity

On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 06:47, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Mi, den 16.06.2004 schrieb Marc Lucke um 15:38:
> > If I use dvdauthor and then telnet to port 25, the port opens but the 
> > Daemon doesn't answer until dvdauthor is finished.  Since it isn't a cpu 
> > related but a disk thing, renicing doesn't help.  I think it might be a 
> > libata thing.  How can I get my system to accept email when I'm using 
> > dvdauthor or otherwise heavily utilising my drive?
> You get no greating message by Sendmail or does it reject your attempt
> with a temporary failure message (DSN 4.5.1)?
> If its last, then you have a high load and you can adjust that Sendmail
> behaviour in the sendmail.mc config file. If it really happens because
> of disk activity then you have a really big problem. It would be good to
> know whether the system runs FC1 or FC2 and which hardware you use.

I see this sometimes too. Only that I see in my Cron-logwatch. It says
load is too high (12 I think) and because of that it's rejecting new

I'm not sure if it prints out a DSN 4.5.1 thing.

I've never seen it _not_ working. Maybe I just don't realise it
actually, and find out later through logwatch


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