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RE: backup

IIRC, rsync doesn't keep permissions and ownership/group properties when
transferring over to a Windows box. hdup can even split tar.gz files into
640MB chunks for cdrom.


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On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 07:56, Trevor wrote:
> hdup works for me! (http://miek.nl/projects/hdup16/hdup16.html)
> Simply mount an smb share (smbmount //windowsworkstation/backup
> /mnt/winshare -o username=something,password=xxxxxxx)

Hmm... looks similar to rsync to me. Although this one Tars the backup.

Personally, I use rsync to keep a 7 days rotating backup to a backup server,
which I then
mount as a read-only samba share for users in case they snuffed up
something, so then don't
have to pick up the phone and call me.

rsync even does it encrypted through ssh.

So.. I'm not sure what it can do better. Reading the FAQ and stuffs on hdup,
i can't really see it's diff from rsync. Can anyone Enlighten me?

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