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IBM Bladecenter and Fedora Core 2


We seem to be having a problem installing FC2 on the IBM bladecenter. While it isn't apparent as to what may be causing the problem, it seems like it may be related to the USB.

Here is a brief overview of what is happening. I am not performing these myself, but rather received the information second hand.

The CD is inserted and booted. It gives the welcome screen where and lets you select the text or graphics modes (this error doesn't seem to be dependant upon one or the other). After a bit, it will pop up a little message about USB being enabled (guessing that the keyboard and mouse actually look like USB connections to the blade?). The message goes away and is left with nothing but a blue screen with the options at the bottom for navigation and the Fedora logo. When switching to the other terminals (alt F keys), there are message about the USB modules being loaded -- but no errors.

Has anyone installed FC2 on the Bladecenter or has experienced something like the above before?


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