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RE: backup

On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 12:58, Trevor wrote:
> It doesn't go well at all. You need to archive the files in order to
> preserve permissions.  Linux to linux is easy.  Linux to Windows can be a
> little more tricky.

You're archiving from Windows to Linux or Linux to Windows.

Why would you want to backup a linux box to a windows Box? Sounds funny
to me, naturally there's a problem with permissions, samba doesn't
really have *nix permissions stuffs.

I can only think that you want Linux to Windows because your backup
server/software is windows based?

Well.. Don't think I can help with that. :(

> Trev.
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> However, as you mentioned, if you're backing up from a windows PC, I don;t
> know how that goes
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