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Re: More Cyrus problems, please help!

Am Mi, den 16.06.2004 schrieb David Collantes um 22:00:

> >> define(`CYRUSV2_MAILER_ARGS', `FILE /var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp')dnl
> >> define(`confLOCAL_MAILER',`cyrusv2')
> >> MAILER(cyrusv2)
> > 
> > 1) Adjust the order in sendmail.mc: set define instructions before
> > FEATURE calls are made and the MAILER to bottom
> This did not help, Alex. It did not made any difference.

No, but it ensures that m4 is working proper and generates a .cf file
you want.

> > 2) To have virtual domain support for the Sendmail and Cyrus-IMAPd
> > combination you must use a different macro! See
> > 
> > http://anfi.homeunix.net/sendmail/#cyrus
> > 
> > and choose either
> > 
> > http://anfi.homeunix.net/sendmail/cyrusv2.html
> Tried the one above and still the same results.

You used cyrusv2 or cyrusv2d? Did you set


instead of what was in your first sendmail.mc

define(`CYRUSV2_MAILER_ARGS', `FILE /var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp')dnl

set? You did copy the m4 macro file by Anfi and regenerated the
sendmail.cf? If all really done, then increase the Sendmail log level to
15 and check the maillog to get a verbose output what happens.


P.S. Not causing your actual problem, but I do not understand why you
did set MECH=pam in /etc/sysconfig/saslathd, while you have your auth
data in the sasldb2 - at least for Cyrus-IMAPd.


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