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Re: FC2 - anaconda - bootdisk creation

I installed FC2 without a bootloader. After installation I booted with the CD into rescue mode, chroot /mnt/sysimage and then ran the mkbootdisk command. Now I can boot into my FC2 system with the floppy. I'm curious, how does this method differ from the past when it was done during the installation process?

You're not the first to cite the size of the kernel 2.6 as a reason why it was taken out of the install process but then wouldn't the post-install routine w/ mkbootdisk I performed, fail as well? I'm a little confused!



James Cornette wrote:

--- Carnal Ortega <carnalort comcast net> wrote:

Was the option to create a bootdisk during
installation removed from Fedora Core. If so, why?


The 2.6 kernel is too big for instalation on a 1.44 meg floppy.

I believe that there are ways to boot from pen drives,
CF and other memory cards.

Common question, but noticable.

Mail test,


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