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Re: vpn server setup help

Erik Espinoza wrote:

Try looking for Poptop. It's a great pptp implementation. Requires a
patched kernel, pppd and the installation of poptop, but it's fine.


On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 13:51:59 -0500, Michael Yep <myep remotelink com> wrote:

I am looking for an easy way to be able to VPN into my work.  I have only
been successful with "windows connect to vpn".
I just use the default settings in windows and it connects.  Every time I
try to find info on doing this in linux I get directed to freeswan pages,
and I have no idea what to do.   There must be an easier way.  Also, I
would like to set up the VPN where I can access the web at the same time.

Michael Yep
Development / Technical Operations
RemoteLink, Inc.
(630) 983-0072 x164

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looks like FC2 doesn't have either pptpd or poptop. Is that true? Do you know what trusted sites I can download those from? I need to download both or just one?

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