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Re: boo to Cyrus

Am Do, den 17.06.2004 schrieb Marc Lucke um 2:13:

> I like imap-2002d.  I like SquirrelMail.  Why change to Cyrus?  It isn't 
> integrated into Linux and it is a big pain in the unmentionable areas of 
> the body.  Does anyone know why this change was inflicted on us?  My 
> guess was that maybe development on the old servers had stopped whereas 
> cyrus was continuing?  Or was it the stand-off re imap between wu (rfc) 
> & microsloth (they did it theeeiiiiirrrrr... waaaaayyyy)?  Anyone know?  
> I'd be interested.

uw-imap was taken as too insecure by the Redhat decider what goes into
Fedora Core. So dovecot was chosen as an alternative. Cyrus-IMAPd is not
take as an exchange for uw-imap - although it mistakingly is installed
when upgrading from FC1 to FC2. Cyrus-IMAPd is not that simple and the
one who wants to use it should carefully read the documentation first.
It's intended usage implies some serious configuration. Just take that
it can run without local system users, as a so called sealed server.

Run dovecot if you want a small and easy IMAP/POP3 server.


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