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Re: FC2 Issues

John Thompson wrote:
On Tue, 15 Jun 2004 16:54:11 +0000
"Christensen Tom" <paveraware hotmail com> wrote:

I would just like to publicly voice my complete and utter
disatisfaction with you people.  Redhat has been my linux of choice
for 6 years, and I appreciated FC1, but since I can't install FC2
because of 2 very huge bugs (the dual booting bug, and the Asus Mobo
bug) that were known well in advance of release, and were not fixed,
and remain unfixed, I will never be using or recommending a redhat
product ever again.  

Umm, Fedora is *NOT* a RedHat product.  It is a community project sponsored by RedHat, but it is explicitly not a product supported by RedHat.

You have seriously destroyed a good product and a
good name by not following the #1 tenet of open source software,

Fedora is considered to be a "cutting edge" distribution for "new technologies and enhancements that may be incorporated into Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the future."  It is explicitly not recommended for production applications.  For that, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is explicitly recommended.

Get your act together re-release new
ISOs that fix these 2 problems within 2 weeks or you are costing
redhat an estimated 50k/yr in licenses that I control.  We will be
moving to Novell/Suse. 

If you are controlling enterprise licenses, you should not be deploying Fedora on your production equipment anyway.  Get real.

I'd like to say that I'm sure everyone is sorry you had your problems but I can't see how your misplaced anger is of benefit to the Fedora community.  I therefore recommend you use Microsoft Windows XP or buy a Mac and leave anything more complex - & us - alone.  If I were as nasty as you I would suggest that the people you know probably know that you are not a credible source of information and prone to attacks of unresearched, unsubstantiated, irrelevant & undeserved accusations & heresay and therefore your denial of recommendation might actually be a good thing for both Redhat and for Fedora.  If you want the benefits of a commercial operating system, then buy one.  Otherwise thank you for keeping such statements to yourself and thank you for contributing to the Fedora community with suggestions or work or bug reports and thank you for reading about Fedora before going off half-cocked.  Good luck & best wishes to you.


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