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Re: good FTP server with monitoring capability

Am Do, den 17.06.2004 schrieb Julian Underwood um 2:09:

> OK Great, some good suggestions here.  I've dumped vsftpd for proftpd
> because of the monitoring tools associated with it.  However when I run
> ftptop here is what I get:
> $ or # ftptop
> ftptop: no curses or ncurses library on this system
> $ rpm -qa |grep ncurses
> ncurses-devel-5.4-5
> ncurses-c++-devel-5.4-5
> ncurses-5.4-5
> It appears ncurses is installed, maybe ftptop can't find it for some
> reason?  I'm running FC2 and the proftp daemon is working.  Any
> suggestions?  (I've googled)

> Julian

Did you compile proftpd your own? freshrpms.net has a well packaged RPM


What does "ldd /usr/bin/ftpwho" print out?


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