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Re: boo to Cyrus

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Tom Elsesser wrote:

> > I like imap-2002d.  I like SquirrelMail.  Why change to Cyrus?  It isn't
> > integrated into Linux and it is a big pain in the unmentionable areas of
> > the body.  Does anyone know why this change was inflicted on us?
> Actually, my version of FC2 came with Dovecot as the imap server. It was
> very simple to setup, and seems to work well. But I agree, the uw-imap and
> squirrelmail played together nicely, I wonder why they changed as well.

dovecot does a lot of index caching so if you have users with a lot of 
large mbox files it can be a heck of a lot faster than uw or courier imap, 
combine that with squirrel mail which isn't particularly stateful and 
dovecot can be the only thing between you and a huge amount of disk 

dovecot also does some sanity checks before making changes to mail files
so you don't corrupt peoples mailboxes if you users either intentionally
or accidentaly use two imap clients or an imap client and a local mail
reader at the same time.

those are both big wins for our environment. without dovecot we couldn't 
consider moving from our current webmail system to squirrelmail 


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