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Re: 2.4 kernel in FC2

Audsin Dev wrote:


Did any one try 2.4.26 kernel in FC2. If anyone has success in running 2.4 kernel in FC2..pls mail me


I have a system that was upgraded from FC1 to FC2. I use the 2.4 kernel for things like playing with the wine program.

What you need to do is to install the kernel with the below arguments to rpm

rpm -i kernel-2.4-whatever --oldpackage

The oldpackage option will allow you to install an older program alongside the newer 2.6 kernel. (both will appear on the bootloader selection)

If you are going to start X, you must edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to refer to /dev/psaux instead of /dev/input/mice. X won't have a functional mouse otherwise in 2.4.

You then have to change the entry back when you want to boot with the 2.6 kernel again.

It is a headache to try to boot into both kernels. Sometimes programs or devices might make it needed.

If you can get around needing the 2.4 kernel and the 2.6 kernel, do it. Otherwise, there are scripts you have to make to change things for the 2.6 kernel and the 2.4 kernel to be useful. The edits are fairly minor. X is all for my upgraded system. I'm not sure if clean installs have modules.conf (2.4 kernel) or just modprobe.conf (2.6 kernel)

Good luck and proceed with caution.


You will have domestic happiness and faithful friends.

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