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Re: Which to choose FC1 or FC2

david walcroft wrote:
I have the subject problem,which both have their problems namely:

FC1/ I have a GeForce fx 5700 video card,it's not detected/supported
so I get the Vesa driver and so no mplayer and the like.

FC1 had everything working for me. I know the 2.4 kernel was pretty longly developed and things naturally work better for more hardware. Some software runs better on the 2.4 kernel also.

FC2/ No sound after install/login to KDE,I thought I had it fixed but a kernel upgrade killed that so silence.

In GNOME, both of my computers work for sound. I haven't tried KDE yet using FC2.

Which is the better choice 'Low grade video driver' 'No sound' 'find another distro' or 'wait for FC3'

You might want to dual boot with FC1 and FC2. If you find areas that need to improve, let the programers know what is not working properly.

I had a problem with one 3com card breaking when the RHL10/Fedora Core 1 betas started. I got rid of the Rev A card, then FC2 broke my Rev B 3com card. These problems can really become strong irritations. Most expect progression instead of regression in later versions of software.

If everyone stays away from FC2, the problems probably will be there for the FC3 version.

I feel that other distributions will have the same limitations as Fedora
The problem seems to be with the 2.6 kernel and it needing things to become working with it again. This is just my opinion though. I didn't check the kernel sources and tally what broke between the two kernel versions.

Strangely FC1 has sound and FC2 supports my video.

Hopefully the sound issue can be resolved. I go for great video over sound. Both work fine for me in FC2 though.


I would be interested in your thoughts


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