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Re: boo to Cyrus

Roger Grosswiler wrote:

i have the combination cyrus and squirrelmail - this works just perfect and is in squirrel as easy to configure as
uw-imap. cyrus has many advantages, just to mention a simple administration of quotas and not needing it to do by
diskquota, easier backup (not maildir) and so on...

If you use postfix, you get a lot, lot, lot of documentation online how to install and maintain on www.postfix.org.

ok, perhaps you are right and cyrus itself isn't that easy to install. but fc2 let you do this within a few minutes. but is still missing is some entries for sendmail and postfix, where users just could comment out for cyrus.

I have it running with postfix, i remember alexander dalloz as a real specialist on sendmail with this.

...but finally they are all pop/imap-servers, so install after your choice. you still get uw-imapd (look at nina phams
statements here). For me, not cyrus is the replacement for uw-imap, it's dovecot. look at its capabilities at
www.dovecot.org. fight your forces of habit ;-)


Thanks Roger,

Actually, just managed to migrate to dovecot on 2 servers. Not so tricky when one works out how. The dovecot website might be a little more helpful on this. For anyone considering it, I did it this way:

* go in to each directory in /home
* move all mbox files to the directory mail
* cp .mailboxlist to mail/.subscriptions

& Bob, as they say, was my uncle.

btw, Cyrus is probably very good. I don't doubt that for a millisecond. But it needs a conversion tool. dovecot could do with one too, I think.


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