X server access FC2

Fons van der Beek fons at so-o.nl
Thu Jun 17 07:03:00 UTC 2004

> Can anyone help me get a good Xwindows access to my FC2 machine remotely?
> am using SSHD and get access via Winaxe but this does not let me see my
> personal desktop.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "see my personal desktop". If you
want all your customisations and settings and such, starting a plain X
server on the local machine and then running something along the lines
of "ssh -f remotehost gnome-session" should do the trick. I haven't
tried that in a while, though, it could be that GNOME or KDE keep per
display settings or might surprise you in other ways...

If you want to access the *same* desktop you see on the console you may
find the new vnc module available in FC2 the way to go. Have a look at
http://www.realvnc.org/v4/x0.html for information on how to set it up.
You need to install the vnc-server package in FC2.

The VNC approach works very well for me, but be aware of potential
performance issues with running VNC via SSH over lossy links.


If you want to access your System over X (in my case I Use exceed
(broadcasting)+putty as ssh-tunnel ) , this is also possible one should
modify, beware of the low security in these settings,:

 modify firewall to allow X-traffic to and from host-client
 enable in putty  X11 forwarding in "Connection->SSH->Tunnels "

    modify lines into:
          DisplayManager.requestPort:      177

modify lines into:
*                                       #any host can get a login window
*               CHOOSER BROADCAST       #any indirect host can get a chooser
*               CHOOSER %hostlist       #

in the Xdmcp section modify lines into:
Enable is true

in the Xdmcp section modify lines into:
HonorIndirect is true

Kill gdm,xdm,kde or restart your system

Connect from exceed or any X-enabled client to the FC2 box

With Kind regards
Fons van der Beek

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