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Re: vpn server setup help

On Wednesday 16 Jun 2004 6:40 pm, Erik Espinoza wrote:
> Ya gotta provide more information, such as what type of VPN? IPSec,
> PPTP, L2TP, CIPE, or any others? What is it for, one intranet to
> another:
> < -- Internet -- >
> Is it for just mobile users?
> < -- Internet -- > VPN -- >
> Are most of those users running Windows or Linux?
> Do you have a static ip? Have you found a particular package you are
> looking to implement already?

I'll jump in here with the setup I'm after.

I've got a FC1 system sat at work with a static IP (currently running with 
shorewall config for firewalling).

I've got a FC1 system that I have to set up remotely on a dial-up modem, which 
will also have shorewall installed before being out. (eventually may be 
ADSL/Connexant router).  Behind this will be a small network that will need 
access to thework network.

As FC1 comes with CIPE installed I thought I'd look at that but as I know 
nothing about it I'd appreciate any opinions as well as HOWTO's for this.


Gary Stainburn
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