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Re: FC2 Issues

toget files wrote:
In all reality, no one should be critisizing another regardless. Remember, we would not be at this industry level if it weren't for those efforts in the first instance ie Linus. And that contradicts any critism.

However, if hardware vendors sought excess sales they would streamline collaboration with any successful software development team. Thus, creating a greater educated and greater talented developer base which in turn supports an industry of Computing Interests and not geared towards Capitalist attraction. (There is more than just one type of CRASH with IT).

Returns can be outside of monetry value in IT.

I think that hardware vendors would make more capital by opening up specs for people to use their devices on whatever OS that they prefer.

I won't touch nvidia based products because of the hassles with always needing to recompile things, time after time. This means no capital from me. Others will put up with the excessive headaches with binary drivers.

A similar problem with breakage, which repels me from the hardware, is with the 3com NICs. I doubt that I'd get another 3com nic, since two were shot down, in a short difference in time.
With the latest breakage, nothing gets it working again.


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