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Re: IBM Bladecenter and Fedora Core 2

I didn't see the screen so this may be explained on screen....

"nousb" would disable USB or the USB checks?

The keyboard, mouse and cdrom all appear to be USB devices in the bladecenter. Because of that, I need to have USB support.

Then the noprobe was used, it may not be a usb specific problem, but rather a usb cd rom problem as that was what appeared to be next after the keyboard and mouse.

As it is a blade server, the guy installed RedHat 9 on a blade and everything seemed to install correctly. There are still issues with getting the network up and running, but at least it will boot at this time (using a non-SMP kernel. the updated SMP kernels are said to fix the problem we were having with SMP also though).


At 02:27 AM 6/17/2004, you wrote:
Benji Spencer wrote:
Using "noprobe" on the boot seemed to get around this problem

You could also try a "nousb".

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