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Re: FC2 Issues

> > Umm, Fedora is *NOT* a RedHat product.  It is a community project
sponsored by RedHat, but it is explicitly not a product supported by RedHat.
> >
> Statments like this make me angry. The people who distribute fedora
> work for RedHat. RedHat distributes Fedora. Fedora is a redhat product
> used to test ideas that
> will be put in the Enterprise system. Tom got over heated but many of
> us who can't afford to buy 80 RedHat Enterprise systems must rely on
> Fedora. And there is no reason that known bugs can't be fixed.
> We can't afford to licence 80 Windows XP systems either.

But are there not OTHER Linux distributions that could be used? Some may not
be free either, but will still be less than XP licences and come with "paid"

As far as being "no reason why known bugs cannot be fixed", isn't that
exactly what this community project IS doing? As was stated previously, one
of Fedora mandates is to release new version as specific times. That sort of
means "ready or not", but I'm sure everyone tries to make sure that
catastrophic bugs are eliminated or otherwise minimized prior to public

It would be irresponsible to use an untested OS in any enterprise, just
because it is cheaper (or free). That is similar to owning a property
without any insurance.

I for one am very impressed with Fedora Core 2. But I am even more impressed
with the support that is given right here by users and developers alike.

- - s r b - -
fedora core 2, kernel 2.6.6,
amd 2500+, ocz ddr400-512,
asus a7n8x-x, msi fx5200-128.

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