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Re: gcc 2.96 on Fedora Core 1

Matthew Saltzman wrote:

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Flavius Copaciu wrote:


I am having troubles compiling the kernel after applying the SCTP patch
from www.openss7.org.

The question is: how do I tell “make” to use gcc 2.96 instead of gcc 3.3.2 ?

The FC1 kernel requires gcc 3.2.3 to compile.  The gcc32 RPM has the
compiler you need.  Then builing d with CC=gcc32 should work.

I am not trying to compile the FC1 kernel, I am trying to compile a 2.4.22 kernel (from kernel.org) patched with the SCTP patch from openss7.org.

However, I have installed gcc32 RPM and tried building with CC=gcc32 as suggested. No luck, I get the same error. According to the patch maintainer I should be able to successfully compile with gcc 2.96. How do I do that? Well that's may 1.000.000.€ question!
Flavius-Ionel I. Copaciu

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